5 reasons why we should travel in our 20s



20s, the phase in which we can be our crazy selves. Travelling. Simply said, its love. There you go, that makes a deadly combination doesn’t it? Okay I’ll give you more reasons. Scroll below:


  1. You don’t want to sit at home, do you?

I mean seriously? Of course Not! I won’t, anyone won’t so why would you? Just get out of your room where you sit all day munching on food and getting fat and sleeping. Go out and explore. Fall in love with the adventures. Meet new people on your journey and make new friendships which will last a lifetime. Experience new cultures and traditions. Hop on some lip-smacking dishes from around the world. Believe me, Travelling is magical and you don’t want to miss out on this magic!


  1. It will make you connect with your inner self

The early 20s is a phase where we have absolutely no shit idea about what we are or why are we even alive or what on earth are we doing! It is the transformational phase from a caterpillar to a butterfly, where you discover a totally new side of yourself. You realize that you are much more than a snobbish little kid who can do wonders if possible. Well, Travelling is the solution. It will burst the little fat bubble you live in and make you see yourself and your life in a totally new perspective. You will discover so many things about yourself which you didn’t even ever imagined in your craziest fantasies!

Travelling is not just about experiencing something new out of your comfort zone but it’s also about soul searching and finding inner happiness. When you travel, you forget every toxicity about your life. It makes you really happy and satisfied and it gives you the freedom you always wished for. There you go birdie, NOW FLY!


  1. You’ll make mistakes and they will make you a better person

When we do something for the first time, we tend to make mistakes. It’s human nature of course. Travelling is not a cherry on the cake sort of stuff but at the sametime, it’s not rocket science either. So, when you will go out there in the unknown, it’s going to teach you lessons which you will keep in mind for the rest of your life. I have heard so many stories about travelers getting lost, robbed, scammed etc etc. And all of them came back with experiences and wisdom and a better perspective to look at life. So making mistakes while you travel is something you won’t regret but will always cherish.


  1. You have the time and the energy, and yes the Cash as well!

By the time you’ll reach 30s, time will run out of your hands and by the time you will reach 40s, your body will give up. Okay maybe not precisely but come on!  20s is the best time for experiencing the world. Practically you are not Barack Obama so you have the time. You have the energy which makes you behave worse than wild animals and of course honestly, you don’t need much cash to travel. Okay, a handful is necessary because practically you cannot start walking from your house without money and travel.  So if there is a perfect time for travelling, it is NOW! Go pack your bags fast!


  1. The perfect time to fill your scrapbook and Travel diaries with adventures and memories and too many exotic selfies!

Do you want to have a life where when you look back, you just see nothing but exams, and office competition and politics and family drama and a few moments of temporary happiness? Well you have the chance to make that Temporary a Permanent. Pack your bags and go scuba diving in the great coral reefs in Australia or go for a bad-ass trip on your Harley Davidson to Leh-Ladakh or party hard like a hippie in Ibiza! Take as much Selfies as you can and pin it up in your scrapbook! Make your travel diary one helluva of a journey to look at. Trust me buddy, you won’t regret a single second of it.


Travelling is not just an experience. It’s a therapy. Therapy which makes your life beautiful <3

Go Run now!




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